Kaards Landing Page

A landing page built to convert visitors from launch day on Product Hunt
Graphic showing the hero section on the Kaards website alongside three custom graphics from the site

Converting visitors into users in a saturated market

Designing and developing the site for Kaards was a challenge as it was my first time using Webflow, and the stakes were high. We had a set date for our launch on Product Hunt, and the website played a big part in determining its success.

The graphics created for the new website would double as the graphics shown on Product Hunt, where they needed to present Kaards as an elegant and intelligent solution to vocabulary acquisition in the language learning process.

Seeking feedback early and often from fellow team members allowed me to develop a dynamic design. Both the website conversions and the results of our Product Hunt launch reflect the project's success.




Feb 2023


Designer & Developer
A GIF of the loading animation for the Kaards site

Graphics for each of the app's features

The aim of this build was to showcase all the features that Kaards had to offer, and convince visitors of its efficacy and efficiency as a language learning tool.

As ChatGPT had made its dramatic entry into the world shortly before the website was launched, our AI-centric features were centre-stage.

A compilation of the graphics used on the Kaards site to explain our features to visitors

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