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Inviting the community to dance with a vibrant site filled with personality  
Graphic showing the hero section on the Ecstatic Dance Wales website alongside three information cards from the site

Attracting everyone, not just the hippies

Designing this site was a challenge due to sparse communication with the client, leaving many decisions in my hands. At first, I designed a site which was 'earthy and wild', as requested, using earthy neutrals and botanical illustrations. When these designs were presented, I was told that it needed to attract all of the community, not just the hippies (who were already attending the events).

I went back to the drawing board, with the client wanting to use the marbled effect in the EDW logo as a banner at the top of the site. As I explored this option, I realised it would work better as a background, so as not to divide the attention of site visitors between a bright banner and the hero content.


Ecstatic Dance Wales


Apr 2024


Designer & Developer
The hero section of the EDW website, featuring text, a hero image, and the nav bar

Creating contrast for accessibility

With the marbled effect becoming the background for the whole site, and content flowing over it, I had to ensure the text was readable. I used a frosted glass effect on blocks of content, allowing the background to shine through while muting it enough to ensure legibility

The frosted glass became a staple throughout the page, with each section featuring it in one way or another. Pairing it with dark brown text for earthiness and cohesion with the oranges and pinks in the background, the decision came together quickly.

The four guidelines of EDW, nested in frosted glass containers that allow the background to shine through without distracting readers

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