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Simplifying complexity for an early-stage startup.
Graphic showing the hero section on the Hiya website alongside three custom graphics from the site

Using custom graphics to ensure clarity and conciseness

The client's top priority for this project was to get a clear and concise site launched in under two weeks. The challenge was to introduce a new approach to language learning without bombarding visitors with text.

I knew that custom-made visuals would increase comprehension of concepts such as 'language exchanges' that most visitors would not immediately understand. By using a simple layout and highlighting the graphics with tailored animations, we could keep the copy brief and give the site some personality.




March 2024


Designer & Developer
The loading animation on the Hiya site's hero section.

Using Relume.io to build on a tight deadline

With just two weeks to design and build the site, I was glad to have Relume to cut out the monotonous parts of building a Webflow site, allowing me to focus my energy on the designs and getting creative.

Using Relume's Site Builder, I was able to quickly iterate on sitemaps and wireframes without getting too committed to a single idea. Soon enough, I was working on the designs and building a styleguide to ensure consistency and clear visual hierarchy.

A graphic illustrating the process from sitemap to wireframes to style guide in the design process of the Hiya site.

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